An art, an enchanted hymn dedicated to the emancipation of women, to freedom


Houda GueddariHis passion transmitted by his father since his young art, Houda does not paint the gratuitous and the superfluous. Her paintings seem to draw stories and tales inspired by the spiritual memory of the terroir with a cohort of signs and sparkling colors, colors that breathe, jaze, tones and lines that celebrate and sing modernity without depart from a traditional fertile reflex.however,

A rhetoric of the body is omnipresent. Body of blooming, modern women, taunting the conservatism surrounding and shaking up the arrogant and reifying power of man.
For this, she uses a dream language that draws from heritage, in the repressed collective memory, a language that flows from source; a palette of vibrant colors, crossed by light, golden sparkles.
Light tones with slightly sad touches break with the aggressiveness of rectilinear lines.
Sometimes dark, shouting the unsaid, the pain, the passion, the anger to live freely and that betray an intuitive painting.
Her plastic language is dynamic, intelligently marrying reliefs of thought like soft music or romantic poetry. She puts the receiver, her identity, her emotions, her certainties to the test .
Well-known motifs and faces associated with modern materials and media punctuate her paintings and betray* her traditional reflex and her anchoring in modernity.
A refined blend of naive figurative, cubism that does not say its name, disguised surrealism, subtle and poetic international calligraphy, all with refined touches, and movement, always moving away; this is called a spontaneous art fertilized tripe: it is all the art of Houda GUEDDARI who has been able to give her art, her life, her soul, a spiritual.
Ambassador of Morocco in Dubai her art has been awarded at the global art awards by ranking among the first.and Houda is chosen from more than 50,000 artists worldwide to receive the prestigious Leonardo Da Vinci International Prize in Florence on 20 January 2018 at the Borgeaise Palace . His modern art and trend will not stop to surprise.